Greta and Me, while Chookie was in Hospital

Graham’s Blog

When Jan went to Warringal Hospital on the 27th of February to have her left knee replaced, Greta and I shared the responsibilities of running the house, watching television together and updating our friends on Jan’s progress. Our walks in the park along (and in) the creek, sometimes interrupted by rain, kept us on the ‘straight and narrow’. On the 8th of March Jan was transferred to Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital (great staff!!). Greta didn’t get a look-in at either hospital. Still, we continued to have talks, pats and treats such as cooked chicken meat and the occasional bone.

Jan returned home on Saturday the 18th of March, but to our surprise, expected to be looked-after as though Greta and I were Professors of Medicine. The three of us have now called a ‘Truce’ and now all is quiet on the home front. Jan is Happy; Greta is Happy; Graham is Happy. PHEW! By Graham

A Daughters Reflection

When mum was recently in hospital for a knee replacement, for 3 weeks, we (the 3 daughters) were concerned how Dad would go on his own.  Lots of visits were organized and the freezer was packed with food by mum. We should not have worried! Dad was great on his own, didn’t touch the food in the freezer..(why would you??… when MacDonald’s is on the way home from the hospital, and the bakery is a short drive away!) The biggest relief we felt was knowing when Dad would get home after visiting mum, the beautiful Greta would be there to greet him, and love him unconditionally. Greta gave him a routine. He had to continue to get up and feed her in the morning, keep walking her every day. She would lie at his feet when he sat to read the paper or have a snooze in the chair, and would follow him like a shadow as he did the washing and ironing. We are so grateful for the gift that is Greta! Words can’t explain the joy, richness or security having Greta provides. We are so grateful! By Renee



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