Meet Frank and Annette

It was only by chance that our daughter heard about the Dogs 4 Dementia program and then contacted the organisers to get more information.

What followed ended up with us receiving a visit at our home from a dementia consultant called Richard who could see that we and our family were excited at the possibility of being involved in the program. Richard talked us through what would be expected of us and we contributed our thoughts of what we hoped to achieve.

We were looking for a loving companion for Annette who would be with her while I did our shopping and other business and ease my anxiety at leaving her by herself. Caring for our dog will give Annette a sense of purpose and fulfilment as well.

We’ve always loved dogs and taking them for walks and the friendliness and faithfulness of them. We’ve been without a dog for the past 18 months and our family has been trying to get us to get a new one. But we were reluctant because an untrained dog would probably prevent us from getting out caravanning or visiting around town where as an assistance dog can come everywhere with us and be a support for Annette.

Since she showed signs of her dementia Annette has withdrawn from her circle of activities as she has difficulty with her communication skills and we look forward to our dog assisting with this as we go walking and meeting other walkers and swapping experiences.

We have received our dog’s supplies and look forward excitedly to next week when the dog will arrive and become a most welcome part of our family.



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