Meet Jan, Graham and Greta

Greta joined our family in October 2016. We were terribly excited to have been given this opportunity, and awaited her arrival with joy!

With so many instructions to remember, we felt a little overwhelmed at first, but Greta’s beautiful loving and gentle personality won our hearts, and we weren’t going to let her down!

So she has accompanied us to Church, shopping, Café s, and concerts, but we really love it most when she is just a dog!

She is very clever and well behaved when out walking…

But our greatest joy has been teaching her to return to us after running free without a lead. It takes a lot of chicken, but it’s worth it to see her running down to the creek, playing with dogs, and running for sheer joy!


Greta follows Graham like a shadow at home, and the bond they have developed is so positive. The love Greta exudes when we come home, or wake in the morning is so good for the soul, and is a soothing balm for the sometimes rocky road of Alzheimer’s.

We have cut back on taking her to music concerts at Hamer Hall (she enjoyed the music so much she joined in with her own singing!!), but apart from that, she is a very significant part of our family.

We are so grateful to the HammondCare staff, and the Assistance Dogs trainers for your patience with us, and the amazing gift of Greta you have brought to our lives. It is hard to quantify the richness she has added to our conversations, our daily rituals, and our every day life!


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